A good, healthy and stable connection within the family is the most valuable thing you can have.

The diamond among all values.

Lawyer, registered mediator, huntress with heart

Playing my guitar and violin give me the feeling and fine-tuning of musical nuances to hear intermediate tones very sensitive. I use jogging/running, ski touring, yoga and climbing to refuel with fresh air and fresh thoughts. My dance training gives me the necessary momentum. I owe the creative imprint to my mother, the artist and the strong nature connection I got through my father, the probably best hunter. THANKS.

down to earth   sensitive   connected to nature

Active at VML, Liechtenstein and supporting the Net for Children, Vorarlberg

Let the brilliance of your inner diamond shine

What I always appreciated: Togetherness driven by heart and since ever I always was connected to nature – that's how I grew up.

Physical exercise in nature, relaxing in between, enjoyment of life, having an open ear and free to discuss all issues as well as good and honest communication between all family members are the most important cornerstones that I got as present from my education. This is important to preserve and more important to pass it on.

The most valuable thing

Consciously taking time and being able to enjoy this time with the dearest people. Exactly in this moment one reaches the fullest satisfaction and happiness doubles and multiplies. Many small diamonds can then shine as one big whole. At this moment you can feel the strength and radiance of the true inner diamonds.

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared.
(Albert Schweitzer)

Why "Mediation"?

The good, healthy and stable connection within the family is my special treasure and such a treasure chest full of diamonds is what I wish for other people as well.

Everyone is loved and appreciated in his or her uniqueness, supported on the respective path of life and one gives each other support, strength and joy of life. Honest opinions and critical remarks are not withheld. Even if there are differences of opinion in between, which are important, there is always a relaxed and good basic atmosphere.

Through my work in the fiduciary sector and through the perception of the most diverse family constellations in the professional and private context, it became clear to me that a good and above all healthy family connection within the generations is by no means a matter of course.

Already during my studies in the field of law at the University of Salzburg I saw communication as a valuable part of finding a solution. In order to get to the real treasure and the depths of a problem (whereas the problem mostly unfolds as legal dispute and mandatory appears on the surface) it was always clear to me that one has to dig deeper to bring out the real diamonds. In my opinion, a long-term solution can only be found through honest communication between all parties involved.