ART of Mediation

VISION: Preserving good values over generations.

Develop innovative ideas and promote good collaboration to stabilize companies and families, create clarity to preserve positively lived family values and to contine good companies for centuries.

Diamonds take time to shine. 

Change always starts with the first step into something unknown. 

What is special?

My ART of communication is down to earth, structured and clear, with enough creativity to lead you in a focused way to your desired goal.

The needs, wishes or even fears of all parties involved (so called "inner diamonds") are usually unspoken. During the mediation process these diamonds are made visible with appropriate care. Through this clarity I support all parties involved to find the best possible solution for all. 

As a neutral external person I can mirror your situation and you get a new perspective on your issue. I speak out what has probably not been said before, combine professional knowledge with sensitivity and accompany you on the way to your tailor-made solution.


Mediation as a communication tool 

To fine-tune your diamond, you need the following: 

Courage to jump over your shadow // Address things that may have been forgotten // Take each other's opinions and sensitivities seriously // Allow for change // Be willing to be open and honest // Be open to new ideas // 

Make an appointment You will receive the details of the mediation process after the initial meeting.

Locations in Liechtenstein office in Triesen or Boja 19.

All sessions can be held in German or English, directly on site or via Zoom call.

What can you expect

You work on your tailor-made solution according to the rules of mediation. 

"Within the conflict itself and also within each individual, is hidden the solution to the problem at hand." 

Through honest and open communication you will be able to create the necessary fine-tuning of your diamond and a final sustainable solution. 

Learning to understand the reality of the person "on your opposite side"  is an important part of your journey.

Above all, it is about letting not only your head (the mind) but also your heart (the feeling) speak, because every person also "hears" what is not said!

The one who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is.
(Henry Ford)