Areas of expertise: Mediation, consulting and communication

What problems can be present?

  • Communication problems during company succession (succession process) and during restructuring.
  • Linguistic coordination in case of company acquisitions and sales
  • Problems of internal communication in family-run companies and/or with external successors
  • De-escalation for possible intra-family issues during a company handover or succession
  • Generational issues: Bringing together different perspectives on the issues of handing over private assets or transferring company shares to successors
  • All Disputes in the family and between different generations
  • Disputes in the field of asset protection and various asset issues

Would you like to be able to solve stumbling blocks and conflict issues with a few steps? 

I support you, strengthen your skills to be "ready for crises" and show you ways to find a solution in difficult situations. I am a legal advisor and mediator and my expertise is the coordination of communication in the field of succession planning in companies and also for family disputes.

It is your chance to write your story of your life by YOU. Only you can choose your own path and decide for more clarity and ease. In addition, you learn how to stay calm in hard times. I experience that people who come to me develop more ease in their interactions because of new perspectives.

If you would like to take chance of this opportunity, please contact me for a free initial meeting (see below) 


Mediation according to the Liechtenstein Civil Law Mediation Act (ZMG)

Art. 2 para 1: For the purposes of this Act:

  • a) "mediation": means an activity based on the voluntariness of the parties, in which a professionally trained, neutral or impartial mediator (mediator) uses recognized methods to systematically promote communication between the parties with the aim of facilitating a resolution of their conflict for which the parties themselves are responsible;
  • b) "Mediation in civil law cases": mediation for resolution of conflicts which the ordinary civil courts have jurisdiction to decide upon.


Initial meeting - free of charge

Duration: approx. 30 minutes, free of charge set an appointment

Via Phone, Zoom or directly in the office (Landstraße 123, 9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein)

Language:  DE or EN


Further procedure: 

Duration: On average, mediation lasts 3 - 6 months, depending on the topic and the number of parties involved.

  • A session lasts about 2 hours (individual arrangements +/- also possible).
  • Individually weekly, every 2 or 3 weeks possible.

Possible "locations": Zoom, directly in the office or at Boja 19. 


VADUZ: Buchenweg 6 | 9490 Vaduz