Areas of expertise

  • Mediation in asset matters (conflicts in asset transfer, asset preservation, asset protection)
  • Generational issues; conflicts in the area of real estate, companies

Mediation according to the Liechtenstein Civil Law Mediation Act (ZMG).

Art. 2 para 1: For the purposes of this Act:

  • a) "mediation": means an activity based on the voluntariness of the parties, in which a professionally trained, neutral or impartial mediator (mediator) uses recognized methods to systematically promote communication between the parties with the aim of facilitating a resolution of their conflict for which the parties themselves are responsible;
  • b) "Mediation in civil law cases": mediation for resolution of conflicts which the ordinary civil courts have jurisdiction to decide upon.


Initial meeting

Duration: Maximum 30 minutes, free of charge set an appointment

Services and details for the first session will be sent separately after the initial consultation.
Possible options: Telephone, Zoom or directly in the office (Landstraße 123, 9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein)


First meeting

Duration: approx. 60 minutes set an appointment

Possible options: Zoom, directly in the office or in the Boja 19