Mediation bringing generations together

Core competence: Mediation in asset matters (more details here)

“Clear communication means precision, comparable to the fine cut of a diamond”

Rough diamonds are formed under high pressure deep inside the Earth. This can be compared to a problem that creates very high pressure internally. Each person reacts individually and perhaps even very emotionally when under high internal pressure.

Once you are properly aware of this, you will have found the best starting point to approaching your rough diamond. Then you can develop the optimum solution to the problem at hand with the help of mediation and the people involved.

Start polishing your rough diamond for greater clarity, perspective, observable boundaries and a precise solution to your issue.

Specialist fields:

  • Asset accumulation
  • asset protection
  • asset preservation
  • generation topics
  • asset transfer topics

The future is of greater interest to me than the past,
since that is where I intend to spend the rest of my life.
(Albert Einstein)

You set the starting point for a positive and healthy foundation for solidarity and cordiality across the generations.

With the help of the mediation process you establish a new link between the generations, like a diamond that is created only through high pressure and only unfolds its brilliance through the final cut.

This will enable you purposefully to take the time to develop valuable and sustainable solutions in your own manner within a neutral setting.

Why, what for

If you wish to resolve conflicts in order to restore a tension-free sense of family solidarity, you are on an excellent path to your goal with this mediation approach.

By this means, you create added value for future generations and thus greater value in the long term. This applies to emotional as well as to material values within the family.

What makes this approach so special?

Through my ability to identify unspoken lacunae and my structured methodology, I offer you the opportunity to establish creative and sustainable solutions to your conflict, and support you along this resolution journey.

I am specialized with legal expertise and have experience in the Liechtenstein company-, foundation and trust business. You can also find me in the list of registered mediators of the Principality of Liechtenstein pursuant to Art. 4 of the Civil Law Mediation Act (Zivilrechts-Mediations-Gesetz – “ZMG”).

This is how it works:

Starting from the different points of view and emotionally hardened fronts between the involved parties, mediation will help you find the path to a collective solution.

Through the art of communication, you give your diamond an individual finishing touch. You will learn how to view the motivations, arguments, behaviour and practices of the other generation from a new perspective.

For further details about these mediation procedures, see ART of Mediation.

If people would only talk about what they understood,
Earth would be a very quiet place.
(Albert Einstein)