Connecting generations

and company succession

WHAT can you expect?

What is my core competence? (details here)


Mediation and Communication for Companies and Families


"Clear communication is precision, comparable to the finetuning of a diamond"

Diamonds are always formed at a source of high pressure inside the earth.
But what happens, once a very high pressure is created inside of you? 

There are different options: 1) You get sick 2) You try and believe that you can compensate this pressure with counter-pressure eg. extreme sports, extreme other activities, addiction, aggression 3) You reflect and look for the source of this pressure.

Only with option 3) you have a possibility to find your inner diamond.

Of course, you can and should take support for this, because it is not so easy to go this way. Dare to take a step forward. Every person reacts different and mostly very emotionally under this high inner pressure. However, if you take a closer look there, a lot of stress can be released.

I support and accompany you on the way to your individual source to make your diamond visible. 

I strengthen your abilities to be prepared for crises and show you ways to find your own solution in difficult situations. You have the choice. You can choose your own path and decide for more clarity and ease. 

Special fields:

  • Generational issues
  • Company succession
  • Company restructuring
  • Company purchase and sale
  • Disputes within the family
  • Disputes on various asset issues

The future is of greater interest to me than the past,
since that is where I intend to spend the rest of my life.
(Albert Einstein)

What is the added value

  • Cost saving compared to court proceedings
  • Compact sessions and a foreseeable period of time until a solution is found
  • Reflection of your situation through my sensitivity for unspoken interstices
  • Creative search for ideas and sustainable solution of your situation
  • Network of experts for various clarifications
  • Legally structured methodology
  • Graduation LL.M. in Liechtenstein corporate- foundation and trust law
  • Registered mediator at the Princely Court of Liechtenstein list of registered mediators of the Principality of Liechtenstein 
  • Various cooperations and a broad network // see category News and on LinkedIn

If people would only talk about what they understood,
Earth would be a very quiet place.
(Albert Einstein)